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#Language of #Sourcing

The latest recruiting data shows what passive job candidates really think of your recruiting emails, and how to get them to respond. Language Impacts Good response Rate. What makes good writing? The answer, as you might expect, is: “It depends.” Even just within the talent acquisition field, there are wide variations in what language is most effective for different locations […]

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#HR#Word: #Host#Country #Effect

Host country effect is the change that a company has to adopt in terms of hr practices, legal bindings, business policies etc when it sets up its business in another country or the host country. Host country is the country where a multinational company establishes its subsidiaries to grow its business. Every country has its own culture and legal bindings […]

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#HR Word:#Golden #Handcuffs

Golden handcuffs, a phrase first recorded in 1976, refers to financial allurements and benefits that have the objective to encourage highly compensated employees to remain within a company or organization instead of moving from company to company (or organization to organization)  ​Golden Handcuff is financial incentive & other benefits offered to key employee as measure to retain them in the […]

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#HR Word: #Eye#Gestures

Eye Gestures are form of Body Language in which the Eye Movements and the Pupil Dilation is studied to understand the non-verbal communication. Taking note of eye gestures is a natural and important part of communication process.  While evaluating body language close attention to eye gaze, eye movement, blinking and pupil size can help better understand messages.  Just like other forms […]

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HR Word: #Job #Sharing

Job sharing is an arrangement where two or more employees share the demands of a job that are traditionally undertaken by one person working full-time.  Workers sharing a role will be employed on a reduced-time basis – the split is not always 50/50, particularly in cases where parents are returning to work after maternity or paternity leave. The remuneration for […]