Month: July 2018

#Linkedin Brings #Voice #Messaging

LinkedIn is letting users communicate with contacts by recording and sending voice messages of up to a minute long.

According to LinkedIn, the function has been developed to help people communicate more quickly and easily, as rather than writing out a long text, they can simply record their voice, whether for giving an in-depth explanation or responding while multitasking,

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for example.

The voice message system could also be used instead of traditional phone calls, which can be more intrusive since users can listen to messages and reply at their convenience.

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LinkedIn Voice Message

Will it shorten the Response Rate from candidates?. Need to explore

Group #Admin Can Only Send Messages #Whatsapp New feature

Recently, WhatsApp added a new group settingwhere only admins are able to send messages to a group. This is a way for people to use Groups in order to simply receive “important announcements and information, including parents and teachers at schools, community centers, and non-profit organizations.” By adding this setting, it may encourage many more brands, teachers, restaurants and political organizations to create WhatsApp Groups as a way to provide one-way updates and news rather than signing up for SMS alerts.

You can enable this feature by opening Group Info by tapping on the name of the group at the top of the conversation. Then tap Group Settings > Send Messages > select Only Admins. This setting is now being rolled out to all users around the world on the latest supported versions of WhatsApp.

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Whatsapp New Feature

It will surely help Recruiters and HR people in below ways.

1. Creating Groups and Posting Jobs. Candidate will not able to respond or share spam messages.

2. Employee connect: Sharing Events Communication, etc