Day: June 27, 2016

HR Word : Catfish Effect

Catfish Effect definition


The catfish effect refers to the motivating effects of strong competition on weaker individuals. It’s named after a story, perhaps apocryphal, regarding the transport of live sardines in Norway. Transporting live sardines is very difficult but one Captain discovered a method; he kept a catfish in the same tank to keep the sardines active to avoid potential confrontations.

Organisations may take steps to ensure a level a competition in the workplace, such as sales leader boards, to make beneficial use of the catfish effect to encourage productivity across all employees. Gamification in the workplace, an increasingly popular method of encouraging productivity, exploits the catfish effect.

HR Word : Undue Hardships

HR word of the day –  Undue Hardships


Undue hardships are defined as any undue or unforeseen conditions which may prevail in an organization or workplace which are not at all beneficial to the employer, employee as well as the organization as a whole. It imposes a difficulty or a difficult situation for the employer wherein they need to accommodate people especially those with some sort of qualified disability. Sometimes accommodating such people may get prolonged and the organization may have to bear all the losses be it financial or humanitarian.

All these hardships are based on the nature, size, nature of employment and resources and are measured based on the nature and the cost that the company will have to incur because of this. While dealing with undue hardships we take into consideration the case leading to the current scenario. Usually these hardships are observed while making some sort of accommodation, if the condition or the cost of accommodation is such that it’s causing any sort of undue hardship to the organization or the employer the person with the disability should be given the option of paying up for that cost.

If the employer or the company can accommodate the person easily and it doesn’t hamper on the effectiveness and efficiency of the company it’s not considered to be a hardship but if condition arises such that the company is incurring any kind of losses because of that under such conditions the person should be given the option of either paying off or catering on his own as his presence will lead to undue hardships for the enterprise. Also, while accommodating a person three things should be kept in mind, they are : cost, health and safety requirements as well as any source of external funding that the organization is getting, other than these morale of other employees, inconvenience to business, collective agreements etc.

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