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Month: January 2018

HR Word of The Day 0

#HRWord:#Rhetoric #Triangle 

In this Professional world it is very important to have good communication and Presentation Skills. What Matters more is How your Communicate.  There are certain Ways which help us to improve one’s way to Present . Rhetoric Triangle is one of the tested and effective . Rhetoric is defined in the Oxford English dictionary as, “The art of persuasive”  Thus, […]

HR Word of The Day 0

#HRWord:#Pay #Survey

A Pay survey or a Salary survey is typically conducted to gauge the organization’s compensation levels with respect to the external environment.   This helps in clearly defining the specific pay for each job. Firstly a benchmark job is identified, the pay scale of the organization is positioned, and the relative worth of all the other jobs are established with respect […]

HR Word of The Day 0

#HRWord:#Peer #Appraisal 📰💴

Peer appraisal is a form of 360 degree feedback and performance appraisal process.  Peers of an individual give feedback for the individual which gives an unique perspective to the work and goal achievement of an individual. While managers and other appraisal systems tend to provide a perspective on targets and goals achieved by an individual, peer appraisal tends to give an perspective […]

HR Word of The Day 0

#HRWord:#Pay #Compression

Pay compression is the concept in an organization where the employees have more or less a similar salary irrespective of their age, experience, profile etc.  Even those employees who have a better skill set or have been with the company longer, have a slightly higher salary package. The major problem of this phenomenon is increased turnover where the long term […]