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#HR #Word:#Power #Distance

Power distance is the extent to which the lower ranking individuals of a society accept and expect that power is distributed unequally”.
It is primarily used in psychological and sociological studies on societal management of inequalities between individuals, and individual’s perceptions of that management.

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In simple term, Power-Distance is a degree to which people in a particular society feel power is distributed unequally.

This type of a study usually helps in understanding the human psychology where in the people feel that the rich are more powerful as compared to the poor people in the society.

Societies like India where there is high power distance, means people assume decision by higher authorities as granted and does not ask more explanations to justify equality.

Whereas in some of the western countries higher authorities are required to give explanation for the decision they take.

High Power Distance:

Societies with high power distance, people in lower or non-authoritative position assumes decision taken by their authorities without questioning the authority. In these societies, vertical hierarchies are accepted. All important decision are supposed to be taken by authorities and implemented by sub-ordinates.

Hence sub-ordinates are dependent on person in authority.

Low Power Distance:

In such societies, sub-ordinates can easily disagree with their boss and still have fruitful discussion. In fact leaders expect sub-ordinates to be part of decision making process.

This kind of relationship is interdependent and complements each other.

These thing seems fine when people work in culture in which they grown up. But actual issues start when people make transfers from one culture to other culture.

1. Sub-ordinate move to high power distance culture:

In such case, sub ordinate has to be careful while giving his suggestion to his manager. Suggestion may not be taken in constructive way but treated as obstruction to follow orders.

2. Sub-ordinate moving to low power distance culture:

Here if sub ordinate only follows order then it might take as being incompetent for performing duties.

3. Moving as a manager to high power distance culture

Here if manager asks for constructive suggestions from his team then it might be taken as manager not competent enough to handle his responsibilities.

4. Moving as manager to low power distance culture:

Team may not follow the decision taken by manager but will give constructive feedback and will tend to challenge decisions.

Source: wiki & MBAskoool

#HR #Word: #Pin-code #Sourcing

Sourcing is evolving with technology and is positioning itself as a more strategic role in the entire Hiring Cycle.

Pin-code Sourcing is a the strategic hiring approach which focuses on sourcing candidates from a specific Pin-code area

In recent times Workplaces is shifting its base to suburban area and candidate too prefer to stay nearby to avoid travel and save time.

Pin-code Sourcing in getting acceptance from sourcer’s and recruiters as it help them to strategies their souring approach in getting the right talent from near by area only.

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Usually a Pin-code covers a area of 3 to 9 km’s and travelling such distance is feasible for candidates.

How does Pin-code Sourcing helps

1. Focuses on candidates from same pincode area
2. Reduces travelling time for employees
3. Can help in Improving diversity hiring.
4. Less operational cost and increases productivity. and many more.

Pin-code Sourcing is usually successful if

1. Infrastructure  for such specific area / Pin-code is developed with good  connectivity, Residential area &  Public amenities.

2. If candidate mention pin-code on his/ her residential address in CV. Usually sourcer’s search on Portals with Pin-code or Area name.

How to Search

Usually Sourcer’s use keywords such as Skills + Pin-code OR Area name which searching CV’s on Job Portals. The search will be restricted to candidates who mentioned either Pin-code or area name on CV.

I am sure many sourcer’s have used such approach and it might have worked

The above approach can be helpful for all firms.

Try it..and Share your feedback/ Learning.

Wishing all a Happy and Prosperous Ganesh Chaturthi.

May Lord ganesha brings great wisdom to all.




#HR #Word:#Pay #Floor

Pay floor is the minimum pay or wages beyond which payment for work should not fall.

In other words it is the lower limit of pay or salary which should be given to an employee or a worker.

Sometimes separate industries have separate pay floors by having multi employer bargaining. These pay floors which are separately fixed industry wise may be changed by individual companies for themselves by negotiations.

The advantages of having a pay floor are many. They give protection to the least skilled employees by guaranteeing them some minimum wages. Also having a pay floor will push companies to increase their profits and productivity by making better use of their labor cost rather than by cutting labor cost by reducing the wage


Global Minimum Wage

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#Linkedin Brings #Voice #Messaging

LinkedIn is letting users communicate with contacts by recording and sending voice messages of up to a minute long.

According to LinkedIn, the function has been developed to help people communicate more quickly and easily, as rather than writing out a long text, they can simply record their voice, whether for giving an in-depth explanation or responding while multitasking,

Image Source Linkedin blogs

for example.

The voice message system could also be used instead of traditional phone calls, which can be more intrusive since users can listen to messages and reply at their convenience.

Click below link for detailed update

LinkedIn Voice Message

Will it shorten the Response Rate from candidates?. Need to explore

Group #Admin Can Only Send Messages #Whatsapp New feature

Recently, WhatsApp added a new group settingwhere only admins are able to send messages to a group. This is a way for people to use Groups in order to simply receive “important announcements and information, including parents and teachers at schools, community centers, and non-profit organizations.” By adding this setting, it may encourage many more brands, teachers, restaurants and political organizations to create WhatsApp Groups as a way to provide one-way updates and news rather than signing up for SMS alerts.

You can enable this feature by opening Group Info by tapping on the name of the group at the top of the conversation. Then tap Group Settings > Send Messages > select Only Admins. This setting is now being rolled out to all users around the world on the latest supported versions of WhatsApp.

( Full article here.

Whatsapp New Feature

It will surely help Recruiters and HR people in below ways.

1. Creating Groups and Posting Jobs. Candidate will not able to respond or share spam messages.

2. Employee connect: Sharing Events Communication, etc

#Linkedin New Feature: #Find #Nearby

LinkedIn is testing yet another new feature. This time it wants to help you connect with people who are nearby – in meetings, conferences, and events.

Wth “Find Nearby,” LinkedIn wants to help you connect with the people you meet during meetings, conferences, and events.

If you have attended conferences or industry events, you have no doubt tried, successfully or not, to connect with the people you met, talked to, or listened to on stage. However, catching a name, and finding the right person on social media can sometimes be tricky. “Find Nearby” is the ultimate tool to network.

The tool can also help you connect with people you have seen but not talked to at events…

“Find Nearby” uses your device’s Bluetooth to work and “scan” the people around you. Of course, all users would need to activate the feature to be discoverable. Once activated, you can choose to let people nearby discover you, for the next one to three days – or forever – which, in LinkedIn’s terms, means weekdays, 9am-5pm.

Try out.