A ​Fact-finder is a neutral-person is assigned the task of finding facts from the arguments and evidences provided by different parties and providing a non-binding report on these findings

.The fact-finder is neither a mediator nor a judge

The fact-finder’s main aim is to understand the substance of the case and find out facts from each party’s version of it and in most cases, recommend further steps or a settlement on the basis of these facts.

Goals of a fact-finder

a) Bring disputing parties to an agreement by providing a solution based on case facts

b) Investigation of irregularities or illegalities – an organization may appoint an external or an internal fact-finder to identify the irregularities in accounts or illegalities in operations

c) Identify the disputing party which is presenting the facts accurately

E.g. If a company claims to have designed a car which provides a mileage of 40km per liter of petrol and a competitor disputes the claim, a fact-finder can help discover the truth.

d) Identify the future course of action on the basis of the current scenarios provided by the concerned parties.

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