An  Ëxpatriate 🛫🛃 is an employee who has left his native land and is working and temporarily residing in a foreign country. 

 An Ëxpatriate can also be a citizen who has relinquished citizenship in their home country to become the citizen of another country.

The term originates from the Latin words, ex (out of) and patria (fatherland).

A firm’s employees who are transferred out of their home base into some other area of the firm’s international operations are referred to as expatriates.

 The practice of global mobility of a company’s workforce helps in building competitive advantages.

All expatriate employees are entitled to receive an expatriate premium while working in a foreign country. This includes monetary benefits and non-monetary incentives like housing and education.🏠🏢💰

When the initiative for expatriation comes from individuals rather than employers, it is called self-initiated expatriation (SIE). An illustration of this is the fact that some Asian Companies have recently hired a number of Western managers.

Dubai is a country where the population is composed predominantly of expatriates from countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Philippines, with only 20% of the population made up of citizens. 

Most popular expatriate destinations are Spain, followed by Germany and Britain.

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